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Attaching Motors to the Ballscrews

Here are the parts that Taig provides to attach the three axis motors. Each motor is held by a tube and plate on the ballscrew shaft and the 3 couplers have 4 holes that each take a 3/4" cutoff piece of tubing (tubing provided).


  1. Place the plate onto the tube and then screw the tube a fair amount onto the end of the ballscrew shaft.
  2. Tighten the motor coupling firmly onto the motor shaft. The shaft end should be appx flush with the coupling hole's end.
  3. Take the motor and place it 'firmly' against the plate/tube. The motor coupling should press flush at the ballscrew coupling before the motor reaches the plate. If not, screw the tube on more.
  4. Unscrew the tube while keeping the motor flush until the gap is about 1/16".
  5. Tighten the collar setscrew. The collar should be flush with the end of the tube pretty much and the setscrew pressing on the tube to hold it against the threads.
  6. Put the motor down.
  7. Cut the 4 pieces of plastic tubing so one end is a bit pointed.
  8. Insert the flat ends of the plastic tubing into the 4 holes in the ballscrew coupling.
  9. Push the motor against the plate again, now ensuring the plastic tubing enters the motor coupler holes and the two couplers are at a 1/16" gap.
  10. Tighten everything up.
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