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Belt Adjustment

The belt has 6 possible positions.

1. Don't start at the fastest speed. I did that and it immediately stalled out at the first cut and pulled the column over about 10 degrees and I'm pretty sure rocked the entire mill (which wasn't yet screwed onto the table). I've read the spindle bearing needs to wear in/lubricate a little but you won't have speeds and feeds right anyway so slower is better. I ran at 4200 now am trying 6700.

2. Make sure the belt is close to horizontal when running (the motor and spindle wheels are lined up). This will have the most torque and will maximize belt life. I don't know how tight the belt is supposed to be but I make it pretty tight by pushing the motor while tightening the screw on the plate.

3. Make absolutely sure your setscrews are tightened up after doing step 2. At some point after a week the setscrew on my motor loosened and the gear flew up and pretty-much welded to the aluminum plate. It took hours and a serious gear-puller to get back to working and almost certainly was bad for all of the components.

Motor Speeds (CNC)

  • 1050 rpm
  • 1650 rpm
  • 2600 rpm
  • 4200 rpm
  • 6700 rpm
  • 10,600 rpm
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