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Duet3 6HC Initial Setup

The initial setup for the Duet3 6HC involves


  1. connect the ethernet cable into the house network
  2. find the DHCP address assigned to the Duet3 and browse to that address
  3. edit the config.g file to add configuration settings for the motors & endstops & ...


Added into the Duet3 system are

  • 5VDC External Power Supply - I use a Meanwell DIN 5V 3A power supply to provide 24/7 power to the CPU. The CPU is thus controllable even when the motors are not powered.
  • 32VDC External Power Supply - I use a Meanwell switching 36VDC supply (set to 30VDC) to provide motor, fan and mister switch power.
  • DIN Rail Terminal Blocks - for neatness, and to make it very simple to change wire connections I use DIN Rail terminal blocks. They do a great job of a good connection with all sizes of wires.
  • IoT Power Relay - for simplicity I used a DC-controllable external power plug for the motor switch. This just required running two wires and for a low cost it has optical isolation and debounce circuitry.
  • 12VDC Pneumatic Valve - I had a 12VDC valve around for another project so I stuck a 30V->12V 1$ buck converter in front of it and powered it from one of the board heater (high current) outputs. The inlet side of the valve is the side the wires protrude from.

Duet3 Power Wiring


  • Switched Stepper Motor Power - Since there is a 5V external supply for the CPU, the CPU can be used to turn/off the motor power supply programmatically with a solid state relay. The motor supply also has a series manual power switch - for times when you want to ensure there is no motor power. As shown below the relay input is from the PS_ON pin of the Duet3 controller board. The motor power is a 36VDC 10A power supply set to 30VDC.
  • Switched Spindle Motor - The spindle is switched with an IoT external power brick with opto-isolated input. An SSR would work as well but the Spindle electrical noise makes it nice to put this outside of the controller envelope.
  • Mister On/Off control - The pneumatic valve enables pressured air to enter the mister. This is controlled as a 'fan' in the Duet3 world to make life easy.
  • Up to 32VDC and 6A stepper motor power. The Duet3 has pretty high-powered control. It would be nice if it went to 48VDC for more torque but lots of things would be nice.
  • Z-Probe - currently it uses one of the digital inputs for a simple Z-probe made up of two alligator clips. One gets attached to the fixture plate and one to the spindle. On a down move of the head the bit contacts the metal of the part to get a zero.
  • Limit Switches - there are 3 limit switches in use so that the machine milling envelope can be known and used to avoid catastrophe.
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