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Taig Mill

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Initial Mill Setup

Things to do with the Taig micro-mill.

Motor Selection

The factory provides 3 couplers that accept a 1/4" shaft. A standard Nema23 motor with a 1/4" shaft will fit fine. The default factory CNC install uses motors rated at 200oz-in of torque. I'm using 270 oz-in motors for now but may increase that. The inductance of the motors should be as low as possible but not above 5mH for good rapid speeds. To date they have worked fine for me and I don't miss bigger motors.

DC Voltage

The more voltage you can apply to the motors the higher the torque at speed. I'm using 30VDC (the Duet3 limit) but 48VDC is common with external drivers and will give far more torque at rapid speeds. I suffer with slightly slower rapids but don't care.

see: Stepper Torque

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Page last modified on January 21, 2022, at 12:48 PM